Newsletter Archive

One way to develop resiliency in response to the life disruption accompanying most family law cases is to learn more about family law. In the past, my law firm published a newsletter called Family Law Ripples to provide information on various aspects of family law cases. Selected issues are reproduced and indexed below. 

Children: Custody and Parenting Time

11 Ways to Support a Long Distance Child-Parent Relationship (2004 May)

Attorneys as Guardians (2004 Jan)

Child-Inclusive Mediation (2011 Mar)

Parenting Plans - Key Elements (2007 Sept)

Search Institute's List of Children's Basic Needs (2004 Nov)

SENE - Adding to the Alphabet Soup (2010 Mar)

Summer Planning for Children (2003 Mar)

Ten Tips for Working with a PTE (2007 Mar)

The Leopard's Spots (2010 May)

Court Rules

Amended Guardian ad Litem Rules (2004 Jan)

Disclosure v. Discovery (2004 July)

Evidence 101 (2004 Mar)

Income and Budget: Child Support and Spousal Maintenance

Budgets 101 (2010 Nov)

Collecting Medical and Dental Support (2003 Nov)

Divorce and College Planning (2006 Jan)

Health Coverage (2007 July)

Insurance Issues - Life, etc. (2003 Jan)

Marital Standard of Living When Both spouses Work (2011 May)

Litigation and ADR

Big v. Little Issues (2010 Sept)

Process Options for Impasse (2011 July)

Representing Yourself? Visit a Pro-Se Help Center (2004 Mar)

"Winning" in Court (2005 Mar)

Property and Debt

Charge It -But Who Pays the Bill After the Divorce (2003 Sept)

Doing Something About Debt (2010 July)

Long Separations and Property issues (2005 Nov)

Marital v. Non-Marital Property - Questions at the Beginning of a Divorce (2003 May)

Property Division (2005 May)

Which Half of the Sofa Do You Want? (2004 Sept)

Restructuring Relationships

Keep Up the Problem-Solving - Choose a Ping Pong Approach (2004 Nov)

Moving Out (2005 Jan)

One Angry Response Lead to Another (2003 July)

Re-Building Trust (2007 May)

SMART Approach for Fall Resolutions (2005 Sept)

Use Self-Talk for Effective Change (2011 Jan)