Spousal Maintenance

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Spousal maintenance (commonly known as "alimony" or "spousal support") is often a highly contested issue in a divorce. It may be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis, but one of its primary purposes is to help dependent spouses meet their financial needs while they move toward independence, if independence is feasible.

The Minnesota courts consider several factors when awarding spousal maintenance, including:

  • Both spouses' current budgets and standards of living
  • The length of the marriage
  • Both parties' ability to earn income
  • Property division agreements
  • Education and vocational skills
  • Child support obligations
  • Both parties' physical and mental conditions

Rarely can the marital standard of living be maintained by both parties after a divorce. Identifying a standard of living commensurate with a divorce depends on the facts of each case. Consulting with accountants and financial planners can be helpful to ensuring an accurate assessment of income and setting appropriate monthly budgets for the parties. Consulting with a vocational expert can be helpful to determining current and future earnings capacity of the maintenance recipient.

I have experience representing both the maintenance recipient and the maintenance obligor on those and other family law issues. When you come to my firm, I will take the time to listen to your concerns and provide thoughtful, professional legal advice to address those concerns. You and I will consider whether your case needs experts or whether there is enough information available from non-expert resources to fully present your case on maintenance.

Helping Create Long-Term Solutions

An award of maintenance can be certain as to amount and determination only when the parties agree upon a waiver of modifiability, usually called a Karon waiver. When there is no Karon waiver or the court decides the maintenance issue, a client needs advice about events that might trigger the need for modifiability in the future. A client also needs to know his or her practical options in the event that the duration or amount of maintenance is modified against the client's favor. This type of proactive approach is routine in my office.

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