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For some, divorce is liberating. For some, it is frightening and disorienting. Until a divorce is resolved, uncertainty can create stress and challenges for all family members, especially children. In the end, however, both new households need to adjust to the financial and parenting changes and move on. Some experts say that it takes a year or more for such a transition to occur.

I am mindful that the legal part of getting a divorce is only a part of making that transition. I welcome, listen and respond to your concerns, keeping in mind the big picture. Generally, you and I will focus first on your short-term needs so that your daily life is relatively stable and you can move beyond the emotional work of the divorce. I prefer for my clients to be their best thinking selves when they make their final decisions on issues in their cases.

Some of my clients' most common concerns involve:

Often clients ask about the procedures that will be used to resolve their divorce. They have heard about mediation, early neutral evaluations and other out-of-court processes. You and I will discuss your interest in using any alternative dispute resolution processes so that you can decide how you want to move forward. We will assess what processes might match your case and your goals and concerns. I can work effectively in the full range of divorce processes, including trial and appeal.

When clients are concerned about obtaining necessary information for their cases, we will also discuss how to efficiently obtain complete and reliable information for their cases. My office engages in informal and cooperative information gathering, if that is appropriate for a case, as well as formal discovery permitted by the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure, such as interrogatories, requests for production of documents, depositions and other forms of discovery. In some cases, expert opinions might also be useful.

Taking into account the law, the issues, the process and the facts, I will create a comprehensive plan for working together with you and the other side. My office is committed to promoting resiliency and advocating for positive outcomes for every one of our clients.

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