Child Support

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With experience in Minnesota family law since 1985, I have seen the development of child support from being discretionary with each judge to a computer calculator intended to standardize results.

Guideline child support consists of four separate components: basic monthly support, child care contribution, medical support (contribution to health insurance premiums) and responsibility for health expenses not covered by health insurance.

There are ins and outs to using the Minnesota child support calculator, particularly in some situations such as:

  • Self-employed individuals.
  • Vaguely defined parenting time or parenting time that varies from what was originally ordered.
  • Blended families with responsibility to more than one set of children.
  • Variable compensation such as annual bonuses or the receipt of stock grants.
  • Need for child support higher or lower than permitted by the guidelines.

As you move into the future after an initial support award, you might find a number of issues popping up — What about expenses for extracurricular expense? Is private school tuition shared? Am I entitled to a reduction or increase? How do I do the cost of living adjustment? What happens when my child reaches age 18? Should I be in front of a judge or a child support magistrate?

I have experience with straightforward child support determinations, complex support determinations, negotiating a comprehensive financial package for children and child support modifications.

Going the Extra Mile to Educate and Assist

In addition, my law firm helps clients understand the court system and the legal requirements of child support. I educate clients to be proactive for the next support issue. For instance, I have helped present realistic income information for several self-employed clients who had disorganized financial records. Then I provided them with a tip sheet that explained what changes in their business practices and accounting would be helpful for future support motions.

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