Child Custody And Visitation

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During a divorce or custody case, most parents are concerned about their children's response(s) to family changes and want to do what's best for their children.

Pragmatics also drive parents' decisions about custody and parenting time. Most parents want a parenting time schedule that is definite enough that they can make plans and feel secure in their parent-child relationships. Parents of young children might want flexibility to meet the children's changing developmental needs or other family changes, such as remarriage.

Each family and their children are unique. When I discuss custody and parenting time issues with my clients, I ask you to talk about your children and your ideas about parenting. It is helpful for me to know things like: What are your children like? What kind of activities do you enjoy doing with your children? What are your best parenting skills? What's your vision of yourself as a single parent? Do you have any concerns for your children as they grow up?

All of that information is pertinent to the best interests of the child, which is a multi-factor analysis set out in Minnesota statutes. It is also helpful in fashioning a custody and parenting time plan that supports your parenting relationship with your children and includes your preferences.

Modern custody agreements, and some court decisions on custody and parenting time, tend to be specific and several pages long. Detailed parenting plans put parents "on the same page" and can help them act consistently and cooperatively on schedules and other issues involving their children.

You will want experienced legal help in deciding what details to include in your decree or order. My experience as a litigator, a former guardian ad litem for children, a family law neutral and my own parenting experiences are all available to you as I work with you on your custody and parenting time issues.

"You included and improved vastly the detail we offered the judge so that we have some parameters to help us function". Custody Client, R.S.

I am Deborah N. Dewalt, a Dakota County child custody attorney who is committed to helping Minnesota families make thoughtful decisions taking into account the many legal and practical factors that are important to children and parents. My experience includes traditional custody cases, a grandparent seeking visitation rights and a third party seeking custody.

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