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In most family law cases, the parties can agree on some issues. The issues they can't resolve are sometimes very narrow, very detailed, very personal or not cost-effective to bring to the court. An option for getting these issues resolved is arbitration, one form of out-of-court alternative dispute resolution.

An arbitrator is a decision-maker. The parties can choose the arbitrator. They can choose either nonbinding arbitration or binding arbitration.

An arbitration proceeds in a manner similar to a trial in that the parties can testify, call other witnesses and present exhibits. There is an opportunity for cross-examination. However, the proceeding is much more informal than the formality of the courtroom and usually occurs in the arbitrator's conference room.

Many family law clients choose to participate in arbitration without their attorneys. In those cases, it is helpful for clients to consult with their attorneys about the law, relevant facts and presentation tips before coming to the arbitration hearing. I have experience adapting arbitration for situations where there has been a history of domestic abuse or there is an existing Order for Protection. Please be sure to let me know if this is your situation.

The types of issues that I have most commonly arbitrated in family law cases are as follows:

  • Division of household goods and furnishings.
  • Disputed shared expenses such as unreimbursed medical and dental expenses or extracurricular expenses.
  • Choice of school.
  • Post-decree issues relating to exercising an option to purchase the former homestead.
  • The meaning of a disputed term in a parenting plan given certain facts.
  • Review of incomes and updating a child support order.

You will benefit from my knowledge of arbitration during my representation of you in a family law matter as we assess whether arbitration is a process you might want to use in your family law case.

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