Providing Professional And Effective Legal Counsel For Minnesota Families

Big changes in your life cause a big splash followed by wakes and then ripples like a stone dropped in the lake. Most family law cases such as divorce or paternity are that kind of change. My law office guides our clients through their family law matters from beginning to end in search of calmer waters.

My name is Deborah Dewalt. I am a Dakota County divorce lawyer who has worked for most of my legal career with families and individuals throughout the Twin Cities and south of the river areas, consistently promoting client resiliency and advocating effectively for positive outcomes for my clients.

To do that, my firm focuses on both legal and practical factors to fashion fair and workable solutions in a wide range of family law issues. The options and proposals I create with my clients are often appealing to decision makers because they are reasonable, balanced and comprehensive, tailored to each client's unique needs and characteristics.

Dewalt Law Office provides high-quality, client-centered legal representation in a professional and friendly atmosphere.